Partners learning to love better

The You, Me & Rumi community is open to all who desire to grow in their understanding and experience of intimate relationships, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation or race. We welcome those who are, by nature, open-hearted and open-minded, and who are inherently respectful of the rights, beliefs and dignity of others.

The emphasis in our gatherings is on uncovering the potential for increasingly deep experiences of intimate union that are possible as partners learn to bring all the dimensions of self – body, mind and soul – to their love relationships.

With this as our point-of-reference, You, Me & Rumi events and activities thus aim to support the following objectives:

  • Empowering people to view and understand their intimate relationship experiences with greater clarity and objectivity
  • Raising peoples’ expectations in regard to the quality of their intimate relationships
  • Providing practical tools to better understand, heal and manage intimate relationships
  • Exploring the potential for deep joy that resides in being truly ‘naked and unashamed’ with an intimate partner
  • Fostering improved understanding of the differences between feminine-masculine perspectives and male-female experiences
  • Assisting participants to make clear-eyed decisions about their intimate relationships
  • For those with a strong commitment to personal growth, exploring the potential inherent within intimate relationships to facilitate inner healing and transformation.